How much more evidence do we need that Republicans are gaming Iraq purely for political gain?

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I’ve been watching to see what the Bush Administration will do for its “October surprise” to give Republicans a boost in the polls just before the November mid-term elections.  According to this article (, the Whitehouse appears to be planning sharp troop withdrawals starting in September.  After more than two years of using “cut and run” rhetoric to attack anyone who has called for troop withdrawals, isn’t it an amazing coincidence how Republicans have decided to do just that immediately before their mid-term elections?  They successfully gamed Iraq to win in ’04, so it should suprise no one that they will be gaming it again in ’06.


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  1. Erich Vieth says:

    If I were a neocon, I'd be hoping, just like many neocons are hoping, for another dramatic attack on America, so that my buddies and I could better justify a dozen more years of fascist rule. I would end my little hope sessions with the word "amen," because my God happens to be a Neocon Himself. Somehow, someway, He always seems to like the same things I do.


  2. Tim Hogan says:

    Or '08!

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