I don’t know if homosexuality is a lifestyle choice or not, but I am certain that bigotry is

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Over the course of my life, I’ve met many heterosexuals.  To my knowledge, not one of them has ever spontaneously become homosexual.  Likewise, I’ve met many homosexuals and, to my knowledge, not one of them as ever spontaneously become heterosexual.  Likewise, I’ve never (to my knowledge) met a pedophile, but I know that states throughout America have passed laws requiring long-term monitoring of pedophiles and requiring them to stay away from places where children congregate, because of the belief that pedophiles do not spontaneously stop being pedophiles.

So, here’s my question:  if virtually no one ever spontaneously changes his or her sexual preference (whatever that preference might be), then what basis is there — other than bigotry — for singling out homosexuals as the only people whose sexual preference “is merely a lifestyle choice?” 


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  1. Erika Price says:

    And if even they did so choose, which all evidence suggests they do not, who the hell cares? At this point we don't single out other forms of sexual "deviance" except for when it a) reaches a level of prevalence such that it disgusts many people or b) harms someone, such as with pedophilia.

    I very much fear that after the anti-gay sentiments settle slightly, the sexually and socially rigid will come after the BDSM community, furries, foot fetishists, consentual swingers, and the polyamorous (note- not polygamous). None of these people have done anything aside from express their sexuality in a consentual setting, but they all have in common with homosexuals that they carry the potential to revolt bigots.

    Of course with the exception of the polyamorous (all three+ people married to eachother, not one man with many wives such as in polygamy), fetishism does not involve any kind of civil union or special legal rights. But don't hold your breath- if the social conservatives see enough "perversion", sodomy laws could come back.

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