The next generation of protests continues in Iran

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I have been following the political news regarding Iran at various websites, including Windows on Iran, a site maintained by Dr. Fatemeh Keshavarz, a professor of Persian and Comparative Literature at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri.   According to Windows on Iran, the protesters are still optimistic:

A young friend returning from Iran recently reported that an amazingly high percentage of people continue to wear green wristbands on a daily basis. Strangers passing by on the street, make “V” signs for victory, smile, and carry on with their daily activities. According to her, the nightly chants continue, and despite the pressures and the presence of police, there is a sense of hope.

Image by Windows on Iran (republished with permission)

Image by Windows on Iran (republished with permission)

The political persecution continues.  As reported by ALI AKBAR DAREINI:

Iran began its first trial of the post-election crisis on Saturday, a mass court case against more than 100 activists and protesters accused of plotting a “velvet revolution” to topple clerical rule.

Some of the most prominent politicians of the pro-reform movement, including a former vice president, were among the defendants brought before the court in gray prison uniforms.

One of the recent posts by Keshavarz details the loud protests that are continuing, though the protests have evolved logistically to avoid harassment and arrest by the Basij Officers.

Demonstrators are careful to for small, loud, and fast groups who can protest and run before the riot police moves in. Here is one such demonstration happening near the Iranian state-run TV and Radio.

In the meantime, what is the American corporate media reporting about Iran?  Fox News reports on the ongoing trials of the protesters (CBS too). Most American news site home pages reported that three American tourists were arrested after accidentally crossing over into Iran from Iraq.  PBS reports nothing about Iran on its home page.   Iran was a country that many prominent conservatives insisted on “bombing” in order to effect political reform.  If the bombs were dropping, we’d have non-stop stories and photos of American military leveling portions of Iran.   Coverage is scant, however, because the reform, which has endangered to lives and careers of many thousands of Iranians,  is progressing without the backdrop of exploding American armaments.


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  1. Erich Vieth says:

    The Neocons STILL want to bomb Iran. Here's John Bolton dreaming of an Israeli bombing of Iran, even in the midst of the uprising caused by the election fraud.

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