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Not much is new on Catholic radio.

Here in St. Louis, we have a Catholic radio station. Sometimes I listen to try to understand how Catholics think (I was raised Catholic). Yesterday, a woman called in and reported that her parish priest was serving up grape juice instead of wine to the 7-year old children who were about to receive their First Communion. She was upset because it isn’t proper to drink grape juice. Ten minute conversation ensued, with the radio hosts urging her to confront her priest, and then report this to his superiors if he didn’t change his ways.

I was thinking, “What would Jesus do?” (assuming that there were a divine Jesus). I couldn’t imagine any person with any heart sending a child to hell because she drank grape juice instead of wine.

Next caller wanted a clarification about the doctrine of papal infallibility. Another 10 minute discussion–it left me completely bewildered. Metaphors heaped onto metaphors, framed with utter vagueness. It reminded me of Daniel Dennett’s characterization of theology as “tennis without a net.”

Today, a caller wanted to know why priests couldn’t get married. The expert answer: Ao that they could focus on the important work they do. The voice in my head then said, “That’s why all the CEOs of all the big corporations are celibate and unmarried (as well as all professional athletes, entertainers, politicians, doctors and computer programmers).


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  1. Tige Gibson says:

    Real alcohol is required for the effective process of transmutation of wine into blood.

  2. Tim Hogan says:

    Erich, no harm in letting soon to be communicants sharing in the sacrament by drinking juice; those callers were idyets.

    Papal infallibility came up as a “conroversy in the late 1800’s. The Pope has made only two infallible ex cathedra (from the chair of peter) statements about Roman Catholic faith and morals; that Mary, the mother of Jesus was born without sin; and, that Mary did not die but was assumed into heaven.

    If you read St. Paul, where all the homophobes go to get their gist, bishops are to be married and have families so as to keep them rooted in the communioty. It seem the early Church differs from now and that if one picks and chooses frm Pauline writings, one can run amiss.

    There are two New Testament Commandmants, love God and love others. If one cannot do both, one is not a Catholic or any kind of Christian.

  3. Tige Gibson says:

    That’s a nice No True Catholic fallacy you got there.

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