Photographing the St. Louis Central Branch Library

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Today, I brought my camera to the refurbished City Library in downtown St. Louis. Such an exquisite building. I noticed quite a few homeless people sitting in the Great Hall. Many of them were just sitting quietly, and only a few were reading. When a guard passed by I commented, “It seems like a lot of folks are here because it’s warm in here.” He paused, then said, “The thing about those homeless people . . . [pause], is that [pause] many of them are really good at using the computers.” He took me around the corner and showed me that none of the computer terminals were empty, and it seemed as though many of them were being used by homeless people.

IMG_0718 Library

I brought a tripod to take HDR photos today. This building is extraordinary.

IMG_0760_1_2_tonemapped Library HDR

IMG_0611_2_3_fused Library hdr Lightroom


IMG_0641_2_3_fused Library HDR

IMG_0742_3_4_fused Library HDR


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