Seven sins of God

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Believers constantly overlook the sins of “God.” He literally gets away with murder when he slaughters little children.  All of this should be a problem for Bible literalists–the inerrant folks–but they claim that it isn’t.  That works thanks to the big blind spot to occurs in all types of believers:  Morality binds and blinds, and it does this especially well in the context of religions.

I spotted this image on Facebook–it details the seven “Godly” sins.   There is no indication of who the author was–if anyone knows, I’d like to give credit. I can’t argue with the logic of the chart.

7 sins of god


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  1. Richard Ramey says:

    Well, as satan tempts he also starts off with the word “if”.
    In gluttony your assuming he eats. Dont think he does.
    If he is the creator of everyhing then i would think that some respect and honor would be something we would gladly do being he gave us life. Do you give honor and respect and praise to your parents? Do you think they should be given that?
    From the beauty that God gave lucifer he turned that into pride. From pride to wanting to rule the universe and take the reins from the very one who gave him life. Knowing that he will now never rule and that he has a lost cause he wants every thing that God loves ( as a parent loves their child) to be lost also. Because man does not fully understand this and so man will know what the end of sin really is. He has let sin evolve so man will finally understand what happens and where it leads to. ( parents can only do so much in protecting the child. But at some time they have to let the child out into the world). That child usually learns the hard way. And if the child does not want to follow the teaching of the parents or of the local laws thus usually leads to an early death. When man will finally see what sin really is and what are the consequences of it . Then their will be sin no more. But man has not learned that yet.

    • I’m always baffled how to address someone who actually seems to believe all that stuff really happened and is not just a metaphor or an allegory. But just one observation, if I may: don’t ever deride the power of If. Combined with What, it is the single most powerful tool humankind has ever possessed in its intellectual arsenal. If and What If only make sense in the light of alternatives, and alternatives allow growth, and growth means progress, and without that we would still be scratching in the dirt wondering—fearing—what big critter would eat one of us next. It is the power of If that has opened the universe to us because it suggests that there are things to know and places to go and things to do that are grander and more wonderful than what we did and where we went yesterday.

      Consider this (metaphorical, allegorical) possibility: What If in order to redeem himself, Lucifer must teach humanity how to reason and think and apply the results? That until he accomplishes this task, he will never be let back into heaven? What If that’s that deal and our resistance to getting outside the bubble of fairy tales is actually impeding an act of salvation?

      Of course, this is only a story. Kinda like the ones you seem to believe. If the one is just nonsense, why aren’t the others?

      What If…?

  2. Rick Rogers says:

    Is this a joke? Poor taste for one, if I can say. How does one hold the creator accountable and judge him ad if he where nothing more than a human? He can do anything he wants anytime he wants… killing us all included. A creator can do with his creation as he pleases… don’t be fooled by foolish thoughts, friend.

    • So your argument is that we shouldn’t hold god accountable according to his/her own rules because he/she/it might kill us? Refrain from questioning because, essentially, a bully is threatening us?

      Talk about poor taste.

  3. grumpypilgrimg says:

    Rick asks, “How does one hold the creator accountable and judge him ad [sic] if he where nothing more than a human?”

    If believers claim that their god is infinitely loving and forgiving, then evidence to the contrary is plainly relevant, to discredit their claims about their alleged god.

    Moreover, a central tenet of Christianity is that their god has given all of us free will. Free will inherently includes the right to condemn the sadistic, murderous, inhuman(e) behavior of any creator god.

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