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There are still far to many people who assume that Wikileaks should be outlawed and banned.  They assume that the rights Wikileaks asserts in doing its work are different than the rights asserted by the New York Times and other major media outlets when they are doing their best work.  Most Americans don’t realize the incredible good that Wikileaks has done by exposing corruption and violence perpetrated by Americans in Guantanamo.  They don’t realize that Wikileaks exposed a toxic waste dump in the Ivory Coast that caused tens of thousands of injuries (after The Guardian was gagged from reporting this horrific event by a secret court order).   This video documents the admirable work done by Wikileaks in Iceland (see 16 min mark), exposing the corruption and incompetence of the Icelandic banks.   It covers Wikileaks’ revelation of the corruption of Kenyan leader Daniel Arap Moi (min 8).  Wikileaks exposed (min 25) the events related to the “collateral murder” video after the American military refused to come clean.  This is an especially haunting episode.    And consider (min 37) that Wikileaks exposed the widespread civilian deaths and the widespread torture, all of this facilitated or directly caused by the United States in Iraq and Afghanistan, much of this covered up by the United States.


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  1. Tony says:

    You should check out the videos of 29C3, the current “chaos communication congress”, which is currently going on. Videos are available as live streams and will be put in the archive, YouTube, etc.

    I can recommend:
    “Enemies of the State: What Happens When Telling the Truth about Secret US Government Power Becomes a Crime”
    with Jesselyn Radack Thomas Drake William Binney

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