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The Pope just declared that it is historical fact that Mary gave birth even though she was a virgin. I guess that settles that.

Strange things, these religious declarations. I’d love to have all Catholics vote by secret ballot: Was Mary really a virgin? Yes or No. My guess is that 80% of Catholics would say no.

Not that this means that the Pope can’t be a leader. Leaders are traditionally able and willing to tell the blatant kinds of lies that keep them in power.

Still, it’s stunning to hear a grown man claim that he knows something that he doesn’t know and, in fact, is impossible


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  1. Mike M. says:

    On matters of spirituality, the Pope has the legitimacy and infallibility of a circus clown. I don’t think he actually believes half of what he preaches, though, like most priests. The cognitive dissonance created by teaching what he truly doesn’t believe must be brutal. Alone, late at night, how can he stand before a mirror and look himself in the eye?

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