The secretly taped Romney video

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At this article in Mother Jones, you can listen to Mitt Romney’s presentation to a select ($50,000/plate) private audience. In addition to the well-publicized gaffes, listen to the story about how Mitt’s wife’s father’s family (parents and children) scraped to put one of the children through college. This is at about the 4:40 mark. Mitt marvels at the thought that a child from a financially struggling family worked long hours of self-sacrifice to put his brother through college. It was a touching story of self-sacrifice, but then comes Mitts punch line: “I mean, I would never do that for my brother.” [Loud laughing].

No, Mitt. I’m sure you wouldn’t. You’ve made this clear throughout this campaign that everyone is on their own, except for big companies that buy Congress and laughingly feed at the public trough.

At the 23 minute mark, Romney asserts that the Palestinians have no interest whatsoever in establishing peace. Remarkably simplistic world view.


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