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Given that those of us who oppose America’s wars can’t stop these wars no matter who we vote for, it’s time to privatize these wars.  It’s time to use the good old free market approach touted by so many American warmongerers.  I propose that we pass a law requiring that all American wars must be completely paid for–no more wars on the American credit card.  Here’s a second new proposed rule: Only those citizens who are in favor of starting any new war (or continuing any existing war) will be forced to pay for it/them.

Let’s see how this new system would work in the case of the War in Afghanistan, which is costing the U.S. $2B/week (= $100B/year). Let’s assume that there are 250,000,000 adults in the U.S and that 1/3 of those American adults (about 83 million) want to continue with this absurd military action in Afghanistan. Since I can’t stop that war regardless of how I vote, I should at least not be made to pay for it.  Those seeking to continue that war would be forced to pay all expenses related to that war. $100 billion divided by83 million = $1,204 per year for each hawkish American adult.   That’s $100 per month for each of you warmongers, and you will be made to pay in advance in this fantasy approach to funding America’s wars.

In reality, our wars are costing much more than the above amount, because the above number doesn’t take into account any of the cost of caring for injured veterans, which is going to be a staggering bill.

In actuality, if we forced pro-war Americans to pay for their wars, all wars would stop within a few months.

Another way to end these wars would be to have our newspapers

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href=””>publish photos showing the carnage of these wars, which they have refused to do for a decade.  Our media outlets would rather present a sterilized version of America’s wars or, better yet, completely refuse to discuss them. When is the last time you saw a detailed story about America’s longest-running war in your local newspaper or on your local TV station? Perhaps you’ve never yet seen one.

Admittedly, this article only addresses the financial side of warmongering. It completely ignores the immorality of shooting and drone-bombing innocent poor people in the Middle East, then lying that they are all “insurgents.”  The way America is freaking out over alleged threats of “terrorism” and employing its military is utterly insane. It is psychopathic.



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