Sanctions against Iran are provoking war, not peace.

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Glenn Greenwald points out that the severe sanctions against Iran are bringing the U.S. to the brink of war. His article embeds a video featuring Iran expert Vali Nasr, who indicates that President Obama has never yet been serious about negotiating with Iran, and will not likely engage in diplomacy in this election year. The heightened tensions are going to make an “accidental” war with Iran likely.

In the meantime, our so-called media is increasingly engaging in “stenographic journalism,” sounding the drumbeat for war using techniques that are pathetically predictable.


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  1. Erik says:

    Of cause Israel will not hit Iran, it does not have the conventional military capabilities to completely destroy Iran nuclear programming in a single air strike. And it does not have the man power to run the muti week long campaign that it would require, especially with the enormous distances involve.

    Any attack by Israel on Iran would be design to provoked Iran into responding to that attack with a large scale missile strike that cause such destruction and chaos that the US and Nato forces would be force to intervene and take over the campaign, under the disguise of neutralise the missile sites. They would use that opportunity to take out the rest of Iran known nuclear facilities.

    Even Israel military has said that Iran response from an attack would be muted. So the chances of Nato intervening are low or zero. An Iran would most like drop any act over not wanting nuclear weapons and put the entire countries resources into obtaining them.

    Israel does not even have planes which can reach targets everywhere in Iran, central Iran is about the limit of there capabilities.

    And it would be highly silly of the Iranians not to have built some their facilities in the far east of Iran, virtually on Afghanistan borders, which would explains why CIA was carrying out spy operations in that area looking for nuclear sites in the region last year using UAVs

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