Proof that every American is a criminal

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Bad news from Scientific American: We all produce marijuana-like chemicals in our brains. Therefore, all of us need to turn ourselves in and spend time in prison.

[Marijuana] is also something everyone is familiar with, whether they know it or not. Everyone grows a form of the drug, regardless of their political leanings or recreational proclivities. That is because the brain makes its own marijuana, natural compounds called endocannabinoids (after the plant’s formal name, Cannabis sativa).

For some serious criticism of the alleged “war on drugs,” see this recent post.



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  1. Mike M. says:

    And all human brains create the illegal Schedule 1 psychedelic drug DMT.
    DMT, aka the spirit molecule, is believed to be the catalyst of dream imagery while asleep and imagination while awake. Our brains continually make this substance…so, we all have a working DMT lab under our skins, and according to the Government’s own twisted “logic” we are all in possession of a “dangerous drug”–at all times.

  2. Jim Razinha says:

    It seems from the bit of searching that I did that we’re talking about “trace” amounts on the order of homeopathic levels. I wonder if Orson Bean has heard of these?

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