Antidote poster for what most ails America

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Today, I spotted this poster on Facebook:

Artwork by Al Haug

The artist is Al Haug, who has published the poster on a Facebook page here. He is not selling the poster, but does indicate that those who post it should attribute this work to Al, and further states:

I can accept gifts to support my artwork thru paypal:
Use as account. Send as a “gift” only. But you don’t have to send anything. And don’t be a poophead and try to sell this image- your karma would suffer greatly.


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  1. Edgar Montrose says:

    An idea for a companion poster:

    I want you to stop being deluded …
    … that America has the strongest economy.
    … that America has the best education system.
    … that America has the highest technology.
    … that America has the strongest middle class.
    … that America has the best health care system.
    … that America has the best legal system.
    … that America has the best road system.
    … that America has the best rail system.
    … that America is still the Land of Opportunity.
    … that America is even a Democracy any more.
    … that America has any moral authority left whatsoever.
    … that America is doing anything but living on past glory.
    You’re Americans. Do something about it.

  2. Al Haug says:

    After giving up on figuring it out I have (finally) been informed by Dennis Nyhagen that he designed and authored the original graphic and slogans for The Stephanie Miller Show way back in 2004.
    What I did was make it more legible, slightly change the wording and get it big enough to print out after several people on expressed interest in having a copy of the tiny version they posted.
    So you can start calling it Dennis Nyhagen’s poster and stop calling it mine.

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