Republican Presidential Candidates Meet With Hitler

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I was running work errands yesterday and happened to snap on the radio. The NPR feed wasn’t my style the music so I punched the last button on the radio, 97.1 Talk, the Fox affiliate in St. Louis. Sometimes I listen in to “The Dave Glover Show,” where Mr. Glover liked to opine how badly he sucked as a lawyer when he previously had pursued that career. I wish Mr. Glover had let me know that before we had become law partners.

Immediately, the screaming was shrill and studied; it was as though a playbook were being read from by yet another cog in the anti-Obama hate machine. Apparently, Andrew Breitbart, who brought us edited films of ACORN folks and federal employees and criminal cronies in search of edited films, had the goods on Mr. Obama.

It seems that in a celebration of the “March on Selma” in 2007, some of the members of the three member New Black Panther movement showed up and spoke at an event which also had then-Senator Obama as a speaker. Bill and Hillary Clinton were also speaking at another location for the event. Other major civil rights figures were in attendance and they gave speeches. There was a grainy photograph of Mr. Obama somewhere near a guy from the new Black Panther Party, so Mr. Breitbart’s photographs were proof positive, according to Dana Loesch of “The Dana Show,” of Mr. Obama’s “racism!!!”

WTF? I got home, went to the trusty computer and Googled the issue. Sure enough, it appeared that the New Panther Party folks appeared at the same event. The story didn’t tell us that Mr. Obama organized the event, supported any of the viewpoints of any of the other speakers at the event, or that Mr. Obama was even aware of any of the other speakers at the event. Mr. Obama just happened to speak at the same event along with a bunch of other folks in commemoration of the sacrifices of a past generation of brave Americans seeking racial justice in America.

What was the flap? Oooooh, it seems that a story had just broken that declared GOP Presidential candidate, former Texas Governor Rick Perry had a “hunt club” which he had called “Niggerhead” and the press had found out about it. Mr. Perry was under attack from all over the place because of his being “insensitive,” according to Mr. Cain. I guess the powers that be Republican couldn’t stand the heat on Perry so they had to come up with some other incident to divert the attention away from Mr. Perry’s racism, hence the Breitbart photo “controversy.” Ms. Loesch let us know that if we wanted to talk about Rick Perry, we’d REALLY better be looking at President Obama for the REAL racist!

It seemed somewhat suspicious to me that at the exact time a charge of racism is leveled at a major Republican presidential candidate that someone on the Right had “proof” of President Obama’s “racism.” It appears to me that the issue and the photographs had been around since at least 2007 and that someone was waiting for the “right” time to “reveal” the “controversy.” So, I decided that I would investigate the possibility of some shocking controversy in the pasts of the declared candidates for the Republican nomination for President of the United States.

I went to Google and looked for entries about Republican Presidential candidates Meeting With Hitler. There were no such entries. So, I went to Go Daddy to see if the domain name “Republicans meet with” were available. It was! And I got a brief look at photos of Danica Patrick. My idea was to buy the domain name, photo shop pictures of all the major Republican candidates for President with a picture of Adolph Hitler and set up a page in a website where each of the candidates, by name, was shown with Hitler. I would skip Messrs. Cain and Huntsman because they have a modicum of class, unlike the others. I could then put out the story that “Republican Candidates Meet With Hitler” with as much accuracy and authority as the Breitbart “story” about the “controversy” of Mr. Obama and the New Black Panther Party together in Selma, Alabama in 2007.


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  1. Tim Hogan says:

    I take it back about Herman Cain having a modicum of class. He’s just another typical right wing misogynist hate monger like Rush Limbaugh.

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