So-called debates

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Just look at what passes for a “debate” to “help” Americans choose their next president. Bob Cesca is aghast:

[T]hat’s exactly what CNN put on the other night. A game show. The cable news media has gone from simply cracking gaming and sports metaphors to actually becoming a game, with politicians as the contestants and a rotating guest panel of snickering propagandists and “analysts” as the judges. The only difference is that contestants on traditional game shows are held accountable when they answer incorrectly — they’re penalized monetarily or eliminated from the game altogether. But our cable news game show hosts just move on to the next question, so, in this regard, Wink Martindale might be a tougher moderator than Wolf Blitzer. I’m not sure if CNN knows it, but nearly everyone across the political spectrum thought the CNN presentation of the debate was ridiculously self-satirical


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