Newly disclosed Saudi connection to 9/11

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From Democracy Now, we learn more about the connection between Saudi Arabia and 9/11. Why wasn’t this information widely available 10 years ago?

According to recent news reports, a wealthy young Saudi couple fled their home in a gated community in Sarasota, Florida, just a week or so before 9/11, leaving behind three cars and nearly all of their possessions. The FBI was tipped off about the couple but never passed the information on to the September 11 Commission, even though phone records showed the couple had ties to Mohamed Atta and at least 10 other al-Qaeda suspects.

Former Senator Bob Graham described the news as, quote, “the most important thing about 9/11 to surface in the last seven or eight years.” Graham said, “The key umbrella question is: What was the full extent of Saudi involvement prior to 9/11 and why did the U.S. administration cover this up?”


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  1. Jim Razinha says:

    Why? Didn’t you know the Saudis are our allies? Crawford, Texas was a regular stopover.

    • Erich Vieth says:

      I knew of that the 9/11 terrorists had Saudi connections. I hadn’t before heard of this wealthy Saudi couple living in the states that, based on their behavior and connections, seemed to know what was about to happen.

  2. Karl says:

    Direct or indirect association does not make any one or any group fully or even largely responsible to tha ideas/beliefs/actions of others.

    There were probably as least five or six factors that interwove to create the conditions that led to 9-11. These included different philosophical worldviews of various groups of people, different political realities in various countries, competing economic systems for the production/control and distribution of wealth, extremism of dissatisfied members or onlookers of these matters, openly stated policies and interactions between leaders of these nations to influence each others systems and lastly the covert policies that lead to hostilities between both the leaders and dissatisfied want to be leaders of these nations.

    If one considers any of these factors separately you can make the case that any one you want to blame can be blamed for 9-11. Even the founding fathers and God himself can be assocated/blamed for having been the real cause of such matters.

    Whenever any individual or any group wishes to divest themselves of their role in such events they try to find a way to identifiy anyone but themselves for their connections to the matter at hand.

  3. Niklaus Pforsig says:

    Wotz this?
    Sounds like Karl is speaking in defense of an Arab nation under Islamic theocratic rule!!!!

    Before we know it, cats will be mating with dogs, and lions with sheep, then.. well there goes the neighborhood.

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