Even-handed collective bargaining

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Here’s a comment I noticed at Reddit.com: “Why is ok for football players to collectively bargain, but if teachers do it, it’s frowned upon?” Why, indeed?


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  1. Bruce says:

    Maybe because everyone thinks teaching is easy, as in, “I can do that. Teachers are a ‘dime-a-dozen'”. Whereas football players are seen as people with extraordinary skills deserving of the right to bargain as a group.

    • erichvieth says:

      Bruce: I think you’re right. Many people think they can get up there and teach 5 sections per day, but it takes a talented and motivated person to do that well, all-the-while keeping order, doing one’s preps and dealing with parents after hours. A few months ago, I taught 5 sections of “citizen journalism” to the 6th grade at a local school, and it was exhausting (and also fun and rewarding). It gave me new-found respect for the work that excellent teachers do.

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