Glenn Greenwald exposes the lies of Wired

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After more than a year, Wired has finally published most of the chat logs between Bradley Manning and government informant Adrian Lamo. As Salon’s Glenn Greenwald points out in his detailed analysis, Wired withheld this information as part of a cover-up:

[T]he controversy was over Wired’s obvious concealment of matters outside of the scope of Manning’s personal issues, ones that were plainly relevant to newsworthy matters and, in particular, to Lamo’s claims about what Manning told him. The concern was that Wired was concealing material to glorify and shield its source, Poulsen’s long-time associate Adrian Lamo, in a way that distorted the truth and, independently, denied the public important context for what happened here. Wired’s release of the full chat logs leaves no doubt that those concerns were justified, and that Wired was less than honest about what it was concealing.


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