How Fox “news” manipulates its viewers

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Here is a comprehensive list of the techniques Fox News uses to manipulate its viewers, compliments of Dr. Cynthia Boaz. It seems to me that responsible thinkers would anticipate these techniques, recognize them and turn this drivel off.

Here is the list of techniques, but I would highly recommend visiting the main article for clear explanations of each.

1. Panic Mongering.
2. Character Assassination/Ad Hominem.
3. Projection/Flipping.
4. Rewriting History.
5. Scapegoating/Othering.
6. Conflating Violence With Power and Opposition to Violence With Weakness.
7. Bullying.
8. Confusion.
9. Populism.
10. Invoking the Christian God.
11. Saturation.
12. Disparaging Education.
13. Guilt by Association.
14. Diversion.

I freely admit that FOX News is not the only “news” channel that employs these techniques–I’ve seen most of these used on other networks, though FOX is famous for proudly using these techniques.


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