Ronald Reagan and the nation debt

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Ronald Reagan ran against a $1trillion national debt in 1980. Bill Clinton gave us “surpluses as far as the eye can see.” Reagan, Bush I and Bush II slammed through tax cuts for Big Oil, Big Pharma, corporations and the ultra-rich and ran the national debt up to some $12 trillion.

As of the writing of this post, the national debt is some $14.34 trillion and counting. The facts don’t lie; Republicans under Reagan, Bush I and Bush II added about $11 trillion to our national debt since 1980.

Now, however, Republicans want to tie raising the debt ceiling to spending cuts. Now, Republicans want more tax breaks for corporations and the ultra-rich and tell us that any tax increase is off the table. Now, Republicans want to destroy Medicare by replacing it with a fixed voucher that buys what little coverage for seniors at whatever price insurers want to charge.

America doesn’t have a debt problem, America has a Republican problem. More and more, voters agree. A recent poll shows voters overwhelmingly think Republicans just blame President Obama rather than proposing solutions of their own.  The same poll shows that voters overwhelmingly support tax increases on the most wealthy of Americans to make up federal deficits.


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imothy E. Hogan is a trial attorney, a husband, a father of two awesome children and a practicing Roman Catholic in St. Louis, Missouri. Mr. Hogan has done legal and political work in Jefferson City, Missouri for partisan and non-partisan social change, environmental and consumer protection groups. Mr. Hogan has also worked for consumer advocate Ralph Nader in Washington, DC and the members of the trial bar in the State of New York. Mr. Hogan’s current interests involve remaining a full time solo practitioner pioneer on the frontiers of justice in America, a good husband and a good father to his awesome children.

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  1. Tim Hogan says:

    Yup, it was them darn Republicans all along!

  2. Niklaus Pfirsig says:

    Tim, I have arrived at the conclusion that the problem is actually the men behind the curtain, to whom we are instructed to pay no mind, that are the driving force behind the current economic problems.

    Politicians are easily corrupted, but what we asee is beyond corruption. It an approach to capitalism that is religious in its nature. Global corporations behave like sacred pigs, rooting the ground until it is infertile before moving on the greener places, leaving behind destruction that takes years to repair. There is a near total lack of accountability because the people comprising the corporations are intercahngable, It is impossible to incarcerate a corporation and the only way to punish a corporation for wrongdoing is through punitive fines. Corporations are the perfect engines of economic destruction.

    Corporations bring out the worst in mankind because they are devised to shield their members from responsibility, while exploiting all resources available. They are broken by design.

    Since the Republican party has benefitted from the support of big business, they have been manipulated and endoctrinated by big business, including corporations into a twisted `belief system where they can be used as puppets by the richest of the rich. It is no longer needed to actually bribe many politicians, they are so schooled in the religion of voodoo economics, that they side with corporations for free. They are not corrupt, they are simply "user friendly".

    The corrupting influence has been extended into American churches who seem to be embracing the prosperity gospel to the exclusion of the tenets of their faith.

    My younger son was given a pocket-sized new testament at school on the next to last day of classes. He has decided to read it as literature, and is pointing out conflicting details as he finds them. He has found considerable differences between what it says and what people think it says.

  3. Reagan has a legacy so distorted by the Conservative idolization of him that we may never have a clear picture of the real man behind the television. Did he rid the world of commie scum? Check out my portrait of The Gipper in commemoration of his 100th birthday at

  4. Jim Razinha says:

    You might like Will Bunch's book: Tear Down This Myth: How the Reagan Legacy Has Distorted Our Politics and Haunts Our Future

    One of the things I observed in my rough budget analysis was a round of aggressive cuts followed a change in congressional control before back to usual spend, spend, spend. Of course, when the White House and Congress majority parties matched, the spending jacked (and when the parties both matched were the GOP, it was stunningly worse.) The Rs were much better at spending and pretending they didn't and much, much better at claiming the Ds spent more. How the Ds never have good publicists always baffles me.

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