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Imagine if a group of Muslims wanted to seek state tax breaks to build a Muslim theme park.  You’d hear a lot of squealing.  In fact, you heard lots of squealing regarding the “ground zero mosque” (which was not primarily a mosque and was not at ground zero).

Now consider this news from Think Progress:

A group of private investors and religious organizations is hoping to build a Bible-themed amusement park in Kentucky, complete with a full-size 500-foot-by-75-foot reproduction of Noah’s Ark, a Tower of Babel, and other biblical exhibits on a 800-acre campus outside of Williamstown, KY. Their effort got a shot in the arm yesterday when the state approved $43 million in tax breaks for the project. In addition to the tax incentives, approved unanimously by the state’s tourism board, taxpayers may have to pony up another $11 million to improve a highway interchange near the site.


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  1. Niklaus Pfirsig says:

    There was serious consideration given to building the bible theme park in Nashville (actually within view of the Opryland Hotel complex) but there were some concerns about the developer's previous ventures.

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