Who cares what the experts have to say?

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What do you do when you cannot any longer find a scientist to support your government’s self-destructive policies? You declare that you don’t want any further scientific input. That’s what the UK has done regarding the idiotic “war on drugs.” No scientists are stepping up to lend support that the “war on drugs” is a good idea. Therefore, who needs scientists?


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  1. Mike M. says:

    This is no surprise to me. Politicians typically ignore any scientists not on the "government payroll", meaning the ones who will not conform to the govt's agenda du jour. Then, when the politicians leave public office and are no longer concerned about re-election, in a miraculous mental transmutation they suddenly see the light and wake up to the horrors of current drug laws and speak out against them. Not a whisper of dissent while they are holding a government post, however.

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