Top ten psychology studies of 2010

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David DiSalvo sent me an email today to pitch his latest article at Psychology Today:  “Ten Psychological Studies from 2010 Worth Knowing About.”   Cool.  Take a look at what’s included in the list:

– Daniel Gilbert determined that we daydream 46.9% of our waking hours.  Gad, do tell employers, or else they will cut everybody’s pay in half.

– Embodied cognition studies demonstrate that our physical environments are tied metaphorically to our social environments.  “For example, the study shows that when you’re negotiating a deal, it’s better to sit in a hard, sturdy chair–doing so may lead you to negotiate harder than you otherwise would. And when you go for a job interview, be sure to carry your resume in a weighty, well constructed padfolio.”

– Sweat carries messages.  “Gamblers sniffing the high-ropers’ sweat . . . took significantly larger gambling risks compared to the bike-sweat-sniffing gamblers.”

– We’re happier when we keep busy.

– Rich people see other people.  “People from lower socioeconomic backgrounds from lower socioeconomic backgrounds are significantly better at accurately reading emotion–a key component of expressing empathy.”

All this and much more at David DiSalvo’s blog at Psychology Today.


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  1. Jim Razinha says:

    #7 still baffles me. I know I'm happier without it. And the Abrahamic religions are so centered around unworthiness!

  2. Erich Vieth says:

    And here are the top ten studies of 2010 "that can improve your life."

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