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I took a few moments to Stumble around tonight (at I found a most unusual bedroom. And then this delightful worksheet on Fibonacci numbers. I learned a lot about stress over at Psychology Today.  It’s “worse than you think.”

The experience of stress in the past magnifies your reactivity to stress in the future. So take a nice deep breath and find a stress-stopping routine this instant. . . . We may respond to stress as we do an allergy. That is, we can become sensitized, or acutely sensitive, to stress. Once that happens, even the merest intimation of stress can trigger a cascade of chemical reactions in brain and body that assault us from within. Stress is the psychological equivalent of ragweed. Once the body becomes sensitized to pollen or ragweed, it takes only the slightest bloom in spring or fall to set off the biochemical alarm that results in runny noses, watery eyes, and the general misery of hay fever. But while only some of us are genetically programed to be plagued with hay fever, all of us have the capacity to become sensitized to stress.

How does one best relief stress? Here are several tried and true ways.

But then off I was, learning how to close a bag without a bag clip. And I learned in disarming detail how the TSA is keeping us “safe.”

And then I stumbled onto an article told me how to disappear. And here is a really cool photo of Albert Einstein Marilyn Monroe.   Speaking of illusions, it is claimed that this cube illusion will work on you only once, and I believe that.

But the last thing I stumbled onto tonight was the most spectacular.  These are 24 scanning microscope photos from a book called Microcosmos by Brandon Brill.   These photos are stunning.   Thank you, Brandon Brill.

Thank you, Stumbleupon, for a delightful 30-minute journey.


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    After considerable thought, I decided to add this Lego frog dissection to the above misc. list.

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