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I’ve noticed quite a few signs around town lately. First, here’s an emotionally-charged set of signs that might save lives. First I noticed a terribly wrecked car in the center of the  campus of St. Louis University (I sometimes ride a bicycle through this area on the way to work):

When you look closer, you’ll see why this car was towed here:

Two people were recently killed while driving this car.  Once again, I am reminded that when I’m traveling in a car, it is likely the most dangerous thing I will ever be doing.

There are other serious signs, of course.  Here’s one I spotted in a trending part of town.  You see, this manly man believes that Jesus once visited the Americas.

This poster is just down the street from the Roman Catholic Cathedral where, based on my experience being raised as a Catholic, most of the parishioners don’t understand the most basic teachings of the church, and don’t really care that they don’t understand.  Yet they disparage the Mormons and vice-versa.

What other signs did I notice?  How about this sign warning about the great danger presented by this parking lot gate?

Click on this image, and you’ll see that these gates are terribly dangerous, even though it doesn’t seem so to me.  It’s especially hard to understand this warning when the bottom of the gate is padded with foam.

In the photo above, you can see the entire apparatus.  I now hesitant to go near it.   But this gate is not a fluke.  Here’s another parking gate I noticed this week, this one located at the St. Louis County Circuit Court.

Do you see that this one lacks foam on the bottom of the arm?  That foam makes a huge difference, it seems, based on the warning of this gate:

You see, THIS gate is capable of causing death.    They shouldn’t make the danger so clear.   Now it will give criminals ideas of dragging people under these sorts of gates, where the victim will be killed when the gate hits them on the noggin.

I’ll end with a natural sign of the coming winter–thick frost that I spotted in Forest Park in St. Louis a few days ago:


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