Fox reporter Meygn Kelly insults freed Chilean coal miner

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Hot, blonde Fox newscaster Meygn Kelly, while reporting on the rescue of one
of the trapped Chilean coalminers today, said this upon seeing the live feed
as one of the miners emerged and was greeted by his tearful common law wife of
25 years…

(I’m paraphrasing from memory)

“There’s one of the miners now. Waiting for him is his common law wife.
They’ve been together…living together I should say…for 25 years, but of course they
are not married in the eyes of the law…or in the eyes of God.”

Well, eff you Meygn!

Since when did you get a direct line to God? If “God is love”, as believers
are so fond of saying, then wouldn’t He approve of a love that can withstand
25 years without a government issued paper to force them to stay together?

How DARE you diminish the relationship of these two people with your self-
righteousness! They’ve stayed together for 25 YEARS. I know people who have
been married by THREE BISHOPS in a CATHEDRAL who didn’t last HALF that long.

Next time you feel the need to tell us what God is thinking, try to remember
that one of the basic rules of journalism is to not inject your personal morality into the story.

Oops, I forgot! You’re on FOX!


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  1. It's worse than that. At least if she had a coherent, well-thought-out morality, there'd be something to get hold of. But hers is just a superficial, kneejerk response. Here are some crucial questions that she probably hasn't even considered:

    What makes someone married in God's eyes?

    Does God come down and sign a paper? Unlikely.

    Do people have to take oaths to each other (or to God) with their hands on a Bible? That never happened, you know, in the Bible, so where would such a requirement come from?

    Does it need to have the proxy approval of some priest or minister? What denominations are okay? Would a civil marriage that doesn't mention God be enough? I suppose it's possible she thinks so; this is the official position of Roman Catholics and Mormons. If not, then I suppose she has to go around not only asking if people are married, but how they got married.

    If civil marriage is okay, what is the difference to God between social conventions formally codified by humans (laws) and social conventions informally codified by humans (customs, such as this couple's long-term relationship)?

    Sigh. We have a long way to go to achieve an enlightened society, don't we?

  2. Erich Vieth says:

    Meanwhile, many coal miners die elsewhere:

    "Coal mine deaths through June were 1,261, up from 1,175 in the same period last year, the official Xinhua News Agency reported earlier."

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