Carried away in Cincinnati

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I was doing business in Cincinnati yesterday and today.   It’s a notably friendly city (I’m not being facetious) with a beautiful riverfront.  

The airport is only a few miles from the infamous Creation Museum.  I was tempted to visit, but I really didn’t want to hand over a big chunk of money, which would further encourage the gaudy intellectual dysfunction on display.  Others have already done a thorough job of exposing the silliness.  On a related note, a friend of mine stated that a few weeks ago, Cincinnati’s well-touted Underground Railroad Museum was almost empty.  After driving out to the Creation Museum (on that same day), he noticed that the Creation Museum’s parking lot was packed with upward of 300 vehicles.

Perhaps it is my iconoclastic attitude that instigated this rather unusual cloud formation, also near the airport.  Was it a supernatural being trying to tell me something?

Or maybe nature was rebelling because of my unrestrained love of hamburgers?  It was in Kentucky, just south across the river from Cincinnati that I got carried away with my craving for burgers, though Big Boy maintained his goofy grin as I tried to take that big burger.


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