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A friend recently asked me about the ideas that moved me over the past few years. I’ve written about many of those ideas at Dangerous Intersection. Today, I’m offering links to some of my favorite posts. I decided to gather these posts into one place as a reminder of some of the “Best Of” ideas, those that have especially challenged and moved me. It’s not my own writing that interests me here, but the content–most of these ideas are not my own. I was working mostly as a reporter. I should also note that thought I’ve gathered the ideas about which I have written, there are quite a few other authors who write at this site. To view the posts of any of the authors, simply go to the bottom right corner of the home page and click on one of the author names.

I’ve divided the posts into some broad categories. The titles appear in the link, so I haven’t bothered to link them all properly.

Cognitive science and linguistics


Progressive politics (Amy Goodman) See, today’s hot topic: (politicians are in the business of selling nightmares) (Obama as the secrecy president)

Meaning of life

Consumerism and Sustainable Living

Media, including citizen journalists

Community and Communication



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