I hope they gave him a big prize

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This contestant on a Japanese TV game show really worked hard to get to the GOAL. Amazingly demanding course.



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  1. Jeremy says:

    That's from Ninja Warrior (Sasuke in Japan). It comes on the G4 network in the States. That is only round one. After 25 competitions, only three people have completed all four rounds. Round one is largely balance and agility, round two is largely strength (holding on to sliding chains, spider walking on walls, crawling against a treadmill). Round three is mainly stamina and grip (and from and crawling on one inch ledges, crawling across sheets). Round three is untimed. Round four is a timed climb up to the top of a gigantic tower on ropes, chains, or something similar, usually with a change somewhere in the middle. For every competition, some obstacles in every round are added, removed, or modified, so the course is never the same twice.

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