Constance Got Her Prom…Sort Of

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This will be brief.  In a follow-up to the Itawamba Mississippi flap over the school prom, the school decided to hold the prom after all and told Constance McMillen should could bring her date.   But there were only seven kids in attendance,  plus a couple of school officials.   They had granted Constance a prom all for herself.

The rest of the students went to a prom sponsored by the parents and even put up a Facebook Page called Constance Quit Yet Cryin’.

Read about it here.

The utter childishness and cowardice of this is beyond belief.  It underscores everything I said about the true nature of proms in my previous post on this matter and adds to it.


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  1. I give major props to the 7 other kids that showed up to Constance's prom! That took guts.

    The parents should be deeply ashamed of themselves!

  2. Alison says:

    Mike, what it read like to me was that the other students were lied to and ostracized as well. They were Special Education students. I would imagine that the organizers of the "real" prom found the idea of special ed kids dancing and kissing just as offensive as gay kids dancing and kissing.

    If I were the parent of one of those 7 kids, you can be sure I'd be on the bandwagon with whatever LGBT group that pursues legal action. Regardless of how those parents feel about homosexuality, the community made it clear that their children are "offensive" to look at. I can't imagine being able to defend the people who ganged up on Constance after that.

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