Rage and Injustice

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When people ask why laws must be changed to protect behavior that seems “outside” social norms, it can sometimes be difficult to make the point that rights must accrue to individuals and their choices or they mean nothing.  So when a woman is stoned in some backwater country for adultery (whether she is in fact married or not) or a young girl has her clitoris snipped off without having any say in the matter or when a child is allowed to die from a treatable illness because his or her parents believe that only prayer can save them or when people are denied basic civil rights because they don’t play the social game the same way as everyone else or—

If this were an issue of a racially mixed marriage, everyone would be aware and outraged.  In this case it is not, it is a lesbian couple with children, who suffered a dual outrage—the first being denial of partner’s rights at the hospital where one perished and the second being the dismissal of a lawsuit brought by the survivor against those who callously disregarded their basic humanity.  The assumption by strangers that because they didn’t fit some cookie-cutter definition of Normal that their fundamental humanity could be abridged in a life and death situation is not something that is redressable other than by law, because without a law people will make up any old justification to be assholes.  And without a law, the rest of us will let them get away with it.

Read the story.  Be outraged.  But do not be silent.


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  1. I can't begin to fathom the beyond FUBAR mindset of the people who did this (including the judge). Surely the religion of love wouldn't have anything to do with it? Talk about accumulating bad karma…..

  2. rosa says:

    well our rights end where someone elses begin. if some one mutilates a child they are assaulting the child regardless of the reason. we need to outlaw wrongs, don't you think instead of outlawing rights?

    if one stones someone for commiting adultery that is denying that one the right to their life.

    if we as humans keep deciding what is right or wrong, then we will have these problems.we as humans really have no right to decide what is right or wrong with regard to moral behavior, but I have to say many have that God given moral compass we are born with if we choose to use it. God is the one to decide, trouble is satan has challenged that. that is one reason we are in the fix we are.

    false religion is faulted, (described as babylon the great) in the bible, with amassing blood guilt clear to heaven, which is a big ocean of blood. instead of teaching people to love one another and treat others as we want to be treated and that God doesn't approve of wars abuse of children etc, then many of the massive wars would of never taken place, possibly even smaller wars would of been alot fewer.

    these people who are stoning woman or mutilating children are being misled by their relgious albeit called supersititious beliefs propagated by their relgious leaders.this is why Babylon the great is the first to be punished/destroyed by God.

    remember if there is a false religion there is a true one.

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