Conservative Rewrites the Bible

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We’ve featured Andy, son of Phyllis Schafly and his anti-reason heavily monitored blog site, Conservapedia before. His latest project is to create an edited version of the Bible better suited to American Reactionary philosophy.

Yes, he is removing all those Liberal parts where the inerrant Word of God must be wrong.

Image by House of Sims at Flickr

Image by House of Sims at Flickr

Mark C. Chu-Carroll (Good Math blog) wrote The Conservative Rewrite of the Bible where he gives specific examples of what is being edited and why. Like removing any mention of “government”, and merging all the names of God to avoid confusion. Even God, in his 10 Commandments, says to forsake all those other Gods over which he has no control and only worship him.

Schlafly represents this as a new, better translation. But he is using the KJV as his primary source. The English translation with the most known inconsistencies from original source material is his best version from which to start. Well, might as well. After all, he will be “fixing” God’s Word.

Even conservative Christians that I know think that this is a crazy project.


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  1. Makes one wonder how many times this has happened before…and not so publicly!

  2. Jay Fraz says:

    Honestly, I thought conservapedia was parody site when I first saw it.

    I firmly believe that Schlafly is working off the KJV cause learning to read the original text would be way too much scholarly like(i.e. work, who is serious enough about their religion to learn the original language? A. not Schlafly).

    The best part is that they are calling it "translating". Perhaps someone should inform them of the difference of "translating" and "rewriting". (you got that one right in your title :))

    Well, I'm off to translate some work documents, oops, I mean rewrite them.

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