Fear of heights? Visit the new Sears tower balconies

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If you want to confront your fear of heights, consider visiting one of the new Sears Tower Balconies,

Image of Sears Tower - Public Domain

Image of Sears Tower - Public Domain

which allow you to step out onto a Plexiglas floor and look straight down.   Here’s the full AP story.

I know that this will not be for everyone.  I once told a buddy about seeing how close I could stand to the edge of a cliff at the Grand Canyon until he tersely asked me to stop talking about it because he was getting nauseated.

Actually, a few years ago, my wife and I visited the CN Tower in Toronto, and had the opportunity to stand on Plexiglas balcony to look straight down.  Here’s a photo I took:

Image from CN Tower by Erich Vieth

Image from CN Tower by Erich Vieth


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  1. Dan Klarmann says:

    I like to challenge my vertigo. I walk across railroad bridges while looking down in to the valley. Catwalks and other peer-through platforms amuse me. I climb trees and cliffs on occasion. I prefer smaller planes because they have bigger windows. I'd love a straight-down view from any airplane. With the new video screens in seat backs, it puzzles me that they don't provide forward and downward views for those of us who like them.

    But I don't like ladders. I cling too tightly to my 34 footer when I need to get on the roof. At least for the first couple of trips after a hiatus.

  2. Debbie Foreman says:

    My husband & I travel in a motorhome – he has had three strokes within the last year plus he lost eyesight. I love to drive the motorhome but when I get to a high bridge (these high overpasses that I only see the clouds while we drive over them ) or need to drive through the mountains I CAN NOT DO IT. This has been our life for the past 5 years because he was always able to drive. When my husband lost his eyesight in August 2008 we were working at Silver Dollar City in Branson, MO. I actually had to call some friends to see if they could come & help drive the motorhome to N. Ft. Myers, Florida. I had no idea what I would come across on the way back (high bridges, mountains, high overpasses)so I need to have someone to help me just in case.

    Can someone help me? My husband can not drive the motorhome & this is our life which I love ( our motorhome is our home ).

    I want to continue this lifestyle – how can I get over this fear of driving with heights? I really don't want to have a heart attack going over a bridge or driving up a mountain.


    Debbie Foreman

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