Obama strikes all funding for abstinence-only sex education

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As reported at Daily Kos:

Yesterday, President Obama struck a blow to the abstinence-only community, cutting ALL of their funding streams in his new 2010 budget. Obama made it clear that our government should no longer fund these failed programs that promote misinformation, misogyny, discrimination and, of course, juggling and cinder block wielding abstinence clowns.

Image by Sweetgoddess at Dreamstime - used with permission

Image by Sweetgoddess at Dreamstime - used with permission

Watch the videos posted at Daily Kos to get a real flavor for the opposition (Ms. Unruh), who repeatdly claims that babies are good, we need babies, and that birth control pills are attempts by the pharmaceutical companies to oppress women.  She claims that using real birth control is an attempt to turn women into men.

Also, check out the many links at Kos.


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  1. grumpypilgrim says:

    Social conservatives are huge supporters of policies that don't work, but that conform to their rigid ideology. Sex ed, condom use, traditional marriage, creationism, Iraq, Afganistan, energy, terrorism, criminal justice, poverty, education, illegal drugs, laissez faire capitalism…the list of their failures is nearly endless.

    And George W. was their poster child. Enough said.

  2. Tony Coyle says:

    How cool is it to have a president who is pro-sanity. (we need to work on the torture thing, and the polar bears, and the reliance on shills for Goldman Sachs, and maybe a couple other things… but still the preponderance is cool)

  3. Erich Vieth says:

    "A pair of Democrats introduced legislation in the House and Senate Tuesday to cut off funding for abstinence-only sexual education, which they said had wasted more than $1.5 billion over the last 15 years."


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