How Did Herr Ratzinger Anger God?

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I mean no disrespect to the hundreds of dead, thousands injured, and 100,000 now homeless in Italy. But Pope Whatsizname must have been asleep at the switch. Most prayers that I hear of contain a plea for personal well-being. Doesn’t this indicate an expectation that the God of The Church should provide some protection in this life? If anyone had influence with a kind and loving supernatural God, wouldn’t he use it to protect his almost completely coreligionist neighbors from such otherwise inevitable natural disasters?

Either God or the Church must be impotent in such matters. Pick one. Either one. Or am I out of line?

I am mostly incensed that the Big News of the day in the local paper and TV news shows was about how the local weather may affect spectators of a local sports team. Eventually they got around to mentioning that there was an earthquake somewhere. And now the weather, after these brief…

And Governor Jindal publicly mocked funding of seismic research just last month.


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