Obama button collage poster: Change we can believe in

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A friend of mine named Dan Martin (of St. Louis) has taken the time to arrange images of various Obama buttons into an attractive collage.  It’s attractive both artistically and in an Obamaesque-reknitting-of-the-social-fabric-sort-of-way.  Using a high quality white paper, Dan has been busy distributing 11′ x 17″ copies of his creation to his friends and acquaintances.

At my request, he has agreed to make his art available to any readers of DI.  Thanks, Dan.  I’m pasting in a small jpeg, but I’m also linking to a 2 Mb pdf, in case anyone else want to print it out and display the image on paper.

Perhaps (this is a hint), Dan will comment to this post and tell us more about his creation and what inspired him to create it.

Here’s the 2Mb image.


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