Palin: Obama is a Communist and he wants to steal your freedom

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Palin argues that Obama is trying to steal your freedom by stealing your money. He’s essentially a Communist, and he wants to give your money to someone else, like they do in some other countries where people aren’t free. Or so the argument goes (Huffington Post interprets Palin’s rant similarly).

I think I know what Sarah Palin means: my government stole lots of my money and gave it to Halliburton, and they shredded the Constitution in the process.

Palin has some help in her attempt to paint Obama as Marxist. Check out this ghastly interview of Joe Biden by Florida WFTV anchor Barbara West. Compare the Biden interview with her recent interview of John McCain.

Oh, and since the Fundies are at it again, making stuff up, I give myself license to make stuff up.  Here’s yet another of those lesser known conversations from the Last Supper (click on it for an easier to read version):


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  1. Mike says:

    That is the quintessential argument often made by any blinded, Marxist sympathizer, the one about Halliburton. It is 'petty' class envy. Such reveals a bankrupt thought process which is dangerous to the health of everyone 'here' in the very worst way. In my youth we would have labled someone like this 'green', meaning inexperienced. Funny how the term has changed.

    Capitalism is not evil anymore than guns are evil. It is the user of the instrument that is either good, or evil. Few are willing to consider that in a socialist environment we would not have all that we take for granted today. For example we wouldn't have Wal-Mart! For the innovation that produced the products they sell came from inspiration, which capitalism encouraged. Socialism would have instead produced a dull gray, generic group of products which only included the essentials, if it produced that much. And the store would be 'state owned'. There would be no return policy. Moreover you would pay too much for whatever you get, therefore you would have to do without some other essentials. I am offended at how stupid so called 'enlightened' people can be.

    Or take air-conditioning for example: you wake up on a hot day having had a decent night's sleep because of it. It would not have been invented, more than likely, if capitalism had not been here. In fact, we might still be in the dark ages if the world hadn't seen the day of America. There is so much more that could be said it is staggering. But will fools listen?

    You want socialism? What will it mean? Well kids, soon enough you will not get to have a monster truck, or a low-rider. It will be one car to a family, if that much, one day, because of people claiming themselves to be smart, who are dumber than cranks. For who would shoot himself in the foot and call it an improvement? But people are laughing and joking, and pointing the gun right at both feet. Is it not delirious?

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