Christian Libeler Threatening to Sue Atheist for Exposure

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I am not one to encourage a lawsuit, and am no expert in the law. But if you read the details about this suit, you might want to give to the cause. In brief, a Creationist posted a long monologue rehashing many long-disproved arguments claiming to be original and irrefutable proofs of God (the particular Christian Fundamentalist one). Our “hero” Martin Wagner, host of Atheist Experience soundly debunked many sections thereof on his blog back in June.

Fractal WrongnessAt first, strong responses were exchanged. But then YP (our villain) libeled Wagner in Wagner’s own wiki listing and on other blogs, some created just for this purpose. But he did it all from his regular ip address. Completely traceable.

When Wagner publicly called him on it, YP sent a Cease and Desist injunction for exposing his illegal tactics plus the threat of a suit if he didn’t immediately recant.

So, reluctantly Wagner is suing in response. But suits cost money, so at the bottom of the page linked above, there are some Donation buttons. Should you wish to help an Atheist in distress. The linked post also has links to all the supporting materials should you wish to check them out.


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  1. Erika Price says:

    At times like these it seems a bummer that we don't go with the British solution to phony, empty suits: if you sue and lose, you pay everyone's legal fees. Then again, this might not deter kooks of this level- anyone dimwitted enough to libel someone's wiki from their home computer may fail to grasp the true frivilousness of their suits as well.

  2. Tim Hogan says:

    Most states have statutes punishing persons which bring "frivolous suits or motions."

    I am not in favor of restricting someone's access to the courts but, if some knucklehead brings some suit solely to make another spend money, or to harass, or to coerce some other activity from them it is generally an abuse of the process which in many states allows a counter-claim for the fees and costs of defending the suit plus puntive damages to deter such wrongful conduct in the future.

    I may only speak as to the law in my state of Missouri but, other states may have similar laws and should be looked at by litigants.

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