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Since Palin’s from Alaska, I thought it appropriate to post this link from an Anchorage newspaper. This ought to get plenty of circulation in the next couple of months. Even if, as the article indicates, Palin’s questions regarding the censorship of library materials was “rhetorical” it nevertheless is informative that the question would even occur to her.

Compare the toned-down “rhetoric” of Palin’s approach to the more forthright and visceral approach of another grand lady of the Right, Phyllis Schafly, here prescribing a cure for campus mass murder.

So far, Palin’s main success at censorship seems to have been imposed on her future son-in-law, Levi Johnson, whose MySpace page was rendered “Private” after the convention. Among other things the young man asserted there was his disdain for marriage and his love of profanity. In all likelihood, he wasn’t about to marry Bristol, who apparently has benefited from the Abstinence Only education the Republicans have been pushing and, if Mrs. Palin is anything to go by, will continue to push in a McCain presidency.

My point here is very simple. The title of the post is for those remaining Hillary diehards who may still be considering a vote for McCain out of protest over Obama’s winning the Democratic nomination. Ask yourselves if, just to have a woman in the White House, you would vote for Phyllis Schlafly. Because that’s about what a vote for McCain would amount to, especially now. McCain is 72, cancer-prone. Even if he doesn’t die in office, there may be times when he is incapacitated, which would leave the estimable Mrs. Palin in charge.

Her comment about the difference between pit bulls and hockey moms is telling. I know, I know, it was humor. Wasn’t it? I know a lot of women who like being compared to a dog. It was the lipstick punchline that held the main clue, which is to say that Mrs. Palin, in default mode, thinks of women about the same way Phyllis Schlafly does. Those who find themselves in special situations where they can have careers is fine, for those women, but a concerted effort to alter the social landscape to accept the idea that women are more than a facade with a family is unacceptable.

Palin has already egregiously misrepresented her record. This won’t matter to her base, which lives and dies on the proper spin, but each and every instance ought to be held to the same scrutiny Obama has been and is about to receive.


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  1. Pat Whalen says:

    "Palin has already egregiously misrepresented her record. This won’t matter to her base, which lives and dies on the proper spin, but each and every instance ought to be held to the same scrutiny Obama has been and is about to receive."

    Ya. Like that is going to happen.

    Just a thought. What if McCain and Palin were the progressive canidates and Obama and Biden were the neo-cons. How would you vote?

    Then again I can't imagine that someone as aware as Obama could be a conservative.

  2. grumpypilgrim says:

    Even if it turns out Palin didn't ask for any books to be banned, voters should still be disturbed by the notion that Palin was implementing arbitrary "loyalty tests" for city employees who would, seemingly, have little or no political content to their jobs. Why would a museum director, a librarian, a finance director, etc., need to show political "loyalty" when their jobs would seem to be independent of the job of mayor? Indeed, wouldn't the public be better protected from corruption of its public officials if, for example, someone like the city's finance director was not in the mayor's pocket?

  3. Erich Vieth says:

    Your title is spot on. Yes, Palin is the moral and social equivalent of Phyllis Schlafly. From that Schlafly baseline, we must make a few adjustments. For example, I don't know whether Schlafly has ever told a lie as blatant as Palin's claim that she opposed the pork barrel bridge to no where. Therefore, Schlafly goes up plus 1 compared to Palin. But then we need to consider the "looks" issue. Palin is physically attractive and Americans are OBSESSED with looks (for evidence, check out any advertising). In America, good looks serves as a powerful substitute for many many (many) deficits in other areas. I fear that Palin's vibrant womanly physicality deactivates the ability of many people to ever reach her nonsensical views, such as the idea that Alaska is the great hope for American energy independence. This lie, in and of itself, should disqualify Palin from any national office, forever. It is a dangerous and delusional view that SUV owners everywhere deeply want to here. Here's the truth:

    The EIA estimates that about 10.4 billion barrels of oil can be recovered from ANWR, just over a year of American consumption. Saudi Arabia alone has about 260 billion barrels of proven oil reserves.

    There is a dangerous discrepancy in power here. Do voters really want a Vice-President who will acquiesce in anything McCain wants? Don't we want a self-critical person who equips herself with facts before deciding important issues? It is clear that Palin is not that sort of person.

    When Palin smiles and lies, with her perfect posture, her over-confidence and her big smile, the game is over for many conservatives and for some women who have been waiting for a long time for a smiling sexy woman to come in and show men how it is done. They see Palin's fresh sexy new face and they want to believe that all their work, as voters, is done. Smiling kick-ass Sarah will take care of things from now on.

  4. Erich,

    For all those who need a reminder that bad ideas come packaged in pretty faces, I have one other name to invoke:

    Anita Bryant

    'nuff said?

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