A Case Study in Circular Reasoning: Herman Cummings

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I stumbled onto this fellow as a respondent on other blogs or the subject in yet others. Herman Cummings is an active proponent of Biblical truth over Scientific Inquiry. Why don’t I just say “Creationism”? Because Herman argues against them, as well. He has nothing good to say about “Intelligent Design”.

He is heir to a higher truth. He knows “The Observations of Moses” that are revealed in a book called “Moses Didn’t Write About Creation!” that was written by … Herman Cummings. In every blog response I can find by him, he cites this book as the final authority. He won’t deign to respond to any direct arguments unless it is predicated by an affidavit of of having read his book.

Here are some Cummings Quotes:

  • My name is Herman Cummings. I am the foremost terrestrial authority on the book of Genesis.
  • I am the only person I know or ever heard of presently on this Earth that is qualified to teach Biblical Creation. Many school districts are grappling with the doctrine of “Intelligent Design”. Unfortunately, “ID” is an inept and shallow doctrine that merely says that life on Earth is too complex to have developed by chance.
  • I’ve already written the governor and members of the education committees of every state legislature. I have hope that officials will introduce legislation that will free the public schools to teach all viable theories of origins, and explanations of the ancient history of life on Earth, removing the threat of (atheist) lawsuits.

Why is this guy different than the folks at the Discovery Institute? Because he takes as his authoritative text, the root of all his arguments, a book that he himself wrote. At least the DI ID’ers claim to have external evidence, although they never produce any when asked. Also, Herman is a columnist for theConservativeVoice.com, home of other luminaries such as Ann Coulter.

Another name to watch out for.


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  1. Herman Cummings says:


    I read your article about me. Yes, I do not support "ID", and the false teachings of creation science, theistic evolution, and gap theories. Neither do I support the false conclusions of secular science.

    But first, you mis-quote me is when you say " Herman Cummings is an active proponent of Biblical truth over Scientific Inquiry. I am a proponent of accepting scientific reality, and comparing it with Biblical Truth. I say that they will be identical, if you use the correct literal interpretation of Genesis.

    Second, you give the impression that I revere the book I wrote as being the final authority. Not so. God's written Word is the final authority. My book conveys the correct exposition of Genesis. It even starts off with a list of biblical references, written out, so that the reader does not have to get a Bible to read them.

    Lastly, by God's grace, I am the "foremost terrestrial authority" on Genesis (as opposed to sub-terrestrials). I try to separate myself from other creationists (clowns) that do not convey the correct rendition of God's Word.



  2. Dan Klarmann says:

    Herman Cummings is now pushing Louisiana to teach his own version of Evolution: http://www.theconservativevoice.com/article/33882

  3. Herman Cummings says:

    Please Mr. Klarmann. If you are going to write about me, get your facts straight. I have been trying to get Louisiana to teach "the Observations of Moses", which is the oposing view of evolution.

    But since no one there has responded, when a law suit is filed, I'm afraid that they will be left defenseless. They had their chance.

    Herman Cummings


  4. H.C. writes—"Lastly, by God’s grace, I am the “foremost terrestrial authority” on Genesis (as opposed to sub-terrestrials). I try to separate myself from other creationists (clowns) that do not convey the correct rendition of God’s Word."

    No arrogance in your family, you got it all.

    What, may I ask, is a sub-terrestrial?

  5. Karl says:

    If anyone had spoken with Moses about Genesis 1 you probably would have gotten the same impression, yet Moses was called the humblest person around back then.

    Humility is not thinking lowly or yourself. Moses on seveal occassions would have preferrred for God to take him out of the picture. That is not humility, that's thinking less of what God can actually do through you.

    Humility is actuaslly thinking very highly of God, His word and the proper interpretive meaning for all mankind.

    Those who interpret Genesis 1 as well as other Biblical passages in only the light of the context of their own pop culture are anything but humble.

  6. Seems to me that humility is a quality of not taking credit for more than reality allows and sharing credit with those who deserve it. Also not expecting adulation for what you do. Moses, in my opinion, displayed genuine humility. Some of the later prophets, however, just hid behind Yahweh while they took on airs in "his name."

    Calling one's self the foremost single authority on something exceeds the bounds of arrogance. While one may be, it's for others to point it out. But to take on such airs on a subject so indeterminately variable and rife with interpretive conjecture is kind of like bragging that you're the foremost authority on your own breathing.

  7. Richard Ramey says:

    Yes, the arrogance part “Iam” ( was Gods name) “the only”.
    Makes me think this guy is a quack . It turns people away and not even want to read what he has to say – on anything.

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