Bush: No need to look for fraud in Afghanistan or Iraq!

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New unbelievable rule from the Bush Administration, as reported by MSNBC:

A Bush administration plan to crack down on contract fraud has a multibillion-dollar loophole: The proposal to force companies to report abuse of taxpayer money will not apply to work overseas, including projects to secure and rebuild Iraq and Afghanistan.

Why these two exceptions? Is it because the system would be overwhelmed by the fraud they would find? Or will one best find the answer by following the money?

“I hate to sound cynical, but what lobbyist working for a contractor in Iraq wanted this get-out-of-jail card?” asked Patrick Burns, spokesman for the government watchdog group.

I learned of this detestable new Bush policy on the same day I received my copy of Iraq for Sale: The War Profiteers,” a DVD by Robert Greenwald. I’ll comment on this video soon.


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