A haphazard list of some of Dangerous Intersection’s more memorable posts

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We recently received this comment from Scholar:

Erich or Grumpy,

May I please have some more links to the discussions here at dangerous intersections which you have found to be most interesting, *must read*, or highlights in general.


I took Scholar’s request seriously and went back to review many of our posts.  I still can’t get over how many topics we’ve addressed in nine months, covering 592 posts! 

Rather than call these posts the “best of,” I would merely call them the more memorable posts to me, keeping in mind the triple asterisk that comes with the assembly of this list:  1) I simply didn’t have the time to review each of the posts again.  Therefore, this list is only representative, not complete.  2) It is difficult to determine any meaningful criteria on which to base such a list, other than (as I’ve already suggested) the idea that this list includes many of the posts I found memorable.  Other people will certainly have different ideas of what posts are worthy 3) Scholar’s request puts me in an awkward spot, given that I write for the blog

To the extent that I’ve included my own posts, then, it should be with the understanding that I am not trying to judge the writing so much as considering whether the ideas addressed are memorable to me, whether the ideas expressed therein seemed important or whether they moved me.  Here’s another way of looking at it:  if you want to know what this site is all about, here are some good places to start.

It is so very hard to choose.  It’s like asking a parent to choose his or her favorite child.  Without further ado, here are my selections:
Reflections on Hotel Rwanda  

Why Do They Hate Us?  

Why Does a Recently Created World Seem So Old? 

My limited vision. 

Banking laws for sale  

semantics, schemantics

A new age of immaturity 

The greatest sin–and virtue–of human memory 

God’s attractive nuisance: the Tree of Knowledge 

Playing to the terrorists’ strength 


Alien Rapture

Wither Thou Goest…

Consumptious Conspicuosity  

Sticks, Stones, and Prayer Mats

Proselytes, Proseldarks, Proselmarketers  

The Ethics of Morality 

Needed Constitutional Amendement: Ban foreign teams from winning the World Series  

On Feeling Frustration With My Culture – 

Memory and representation, or what is truth?  

Do dissenting liberals take the positive aspects of their country for granted?  

Hell is Unconstitutional – Boycott Heaven  

I Give Homage to God. I am Morally Superior. 

What it’s Like to Go to an Evangelical Church

The Seventy Million Children Left Behind War 

Be Conscious of Your Unconscious to Set you Free 

My life as a sponge.

The importance of pop quizzes 

Metaphors everywhere; where is “pure reason”? 

The Curse of Fungible Dollars

Good Friday – Good Grief! 

Laughing at Not Funny Things and the Limits of Introspection

Star Trek’s Error: Spock’s lack of emotion would have made him irrational

The Two Paths: No Self versus extended Self 

Darwin, the roots of words, etc 

Just Because . . . .

A Martian anthropologist goes to church

How We Really Think About Religion and Politics: The Power of Metaphors

How we deal with toxic thoughts 

The Grinch was much more evil than we thought.

Give us this day our daily endorphins

We must do X because we’ve ALWAYS done X 

Why gay people simply must go to hell 

When politicians refuse to answer questions, report it.  

What does the New Testament actually say about morality? 

Curses! Dollars and hours are both fungible.

Noah, FEMA, Media, Resignation

Do unto thyself what thou wouldn’t let others do

Coordinated violence and the frame of “war” 

The magnitude and the music make war AOK 

Are you a rebel? What is your birth order?

Why you need to be the one to speak up

It makes ECONOMIC sense to invest in disadvantaged children while they are young 

God bless us, with material things

Why are there so many synonyms for poop?

The Onion and the transubstantiation 

Just say “no” to TV. Do it for your country. 

The books of Wal-Mart 

How to love going to church: a guide for atheists

Apollo 13, early course corrections and the soul 

Moral blinders and the Banality of Evil. What you don’t ponder won’t disturb your conscience. 

Does constant exposure to advertising screw up our heads and lives? 

When God slaughters innocent babies, He is “good.” 

Who changed the Bible and why? Bart Ehrman’s startling answers


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Erich Vieth is an attorney focusing on consumer law litigation and appellate practice. He is also a working musician and a writer, having founded Dangerous Intersection in 2006. Erich lives in the Shaw Neighborhood of St. Louis, Missouri, where he lives half-time with his two extraordinary daughters.

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  1. I guess that will get me started on getting caught up with the blogsphere. Then, after I finish reading "war and peace", I will be back posting if thats ok of course, I don't want to hog the internet.

    –Scholar (i guess this name kinda stuck (it must mean I am smart)…but i kinda like posting as different viewpoints and different names, kind of like roleplaying, or being insane). Similar to our friend "Borat" I occasionally "suit" up and see what kind of reactions I get. It is however, possible that some of the reactions are just other people doing what I am doing, a concept which just dawned on me. Well enough probing my "like the finest *swiss* cheese" brain.

  2. gatomjp says:

    Hey Scholar,

    "i kinda like posting as different viewpoints and different names"

    You know I dig talking with you but I think that it's counterproductive to having a coherent conversation if I'm never be sure who I am responding to. Realizing that you do this is one of the things that led me to think that you were very young.

    It's all too easy to "fuck" with people on a blog and it gets you nowhere. (Hi everybody! This is Jesus. You're all nuts!) It's a bit harder, but far more rewarding, to remain consistent and stand behind your statements, which I think you are doing now. Even though we agree about much, I welcome butting heads with you from time to time.

  3. Apologizes says:

    Thanks Gato, you are probably nobler than I. Apologies for my insulting arguments/inferences. Since I am probably unlikely to change too much, (though I appreciate your candor), I would also like to apologize in advance for anything which is posted by me (future) that is interpreted as (or really is) overtly unsettling/cruel. This is because I sometimes post after reading arguments which annoy/excite me, and because I am not yet a seasoned blogger. Except for mknowlan, I dont like him 🙂 just kidding

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