Jesus Camp – How to train young children to be “soldiers in God’s army.”

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I haven’t seen “Jesus Camp” yet, but I plan to.  This is an ABC documentary on Jesus Camp.  Personally, I’d flunk out of camp because I’d have a hard time praying in the company of a facade of George W. Bush, as though he were a leader sent specially by God.

Is this evangelical educational strategy controversial?  Based on the 3,100 comments at YouTube, I’d say so. 

Watching the ABC piece brings to mind this comment by Richard Dawkins:

Small children are too young to know their views on life, ethics and the cosmos. We should no more speak of a Christian child than of a Keynesian child, a monetarist child or a Marxist child. Automatic labelling of children with the religion of their parents is not just presumptuous. It is a form of mental child abuse.


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