The Empathy-Free GOP Ticket

August 11, 2012 | By | 3 Replies More

Well, now it’s official. Let them eat cake.

Or, as Daniel Gross says at Daily Beast,

To whom much is given, more tax breaks will be given. To those who have less, tough. The Romney-Ryan ticket now seems to be all noblesse, no oblige.

The new GOP ticket was commemorated today by the following image created by a friend of mine, Ray Gregory:

Here’s another offering of Ray Gregory: A bumper sticker to mark the occasion (click for full-size).



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  1. Tony says:

    Only peripheral related (I’m sure the GOP doesn’t mind this) – have you seen this:

    What chances do you have in the US, if you are already being prisoned at school?

  2. xxx says:

    “No election too epensive?”

  3. Edgar Montrose says:

    Instead of an elephant head, Spirit of Ecstasy needs to be a pteradactyl — a flying dinosaur.

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