Afghanistan and the lack of truth

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This presentation by Andrew Napolitano sums it up for me. Shame on the Obama Administration, for carrying on (and furthering) the policies of the Bush Administration. At the minimum, our government should level with us instead of giving us a constant stream of lies and squandering massive amounts of tax dollars that we could be using for energy independence.

If the occupation of Afghanistan is such a great idea, let those who support the aggression pay for it. Let them go door to door and beg for the money. Even if every American citizen paid an equal share of this year’s $30 Billion funding for the “war” in Afghanistan, every one of America’s 300,000,000 citizens would pay $100.   Let them go door to door and try to convince Americans to each fork over $100 for this years’ Afghanistan war effort.   Maybe then the citizens would demand to see progress and to be informed of the alleged objectives of this “war.”

Actually, if the citizens were told the truth, they’d be told that this war only benefits America’s military-industrial complex, and that it’s driven by the cognitive fallacy of sunk costs.



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