White House explains its position re FOX “news”

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What does the White House think of Fox News? White House communications director Anita Dunn spells it out for Howard Kurtz:

Dunn didn’t quite say it like I would. FOX works hard to make Obama look bad, no matter what he does. Or no matter if Obama didn’t do anything at all, as was the case with Obama award of the Nobel Peace Prize. Truly, what kind of “news” channel would criticize Obama when a prestigious organization over which he had no control awarded him a prize he was not seeking? This is just the latest incident, of course. Dunn spells out a few recent examples too (for many more examples, see NewsHounds and consider a recent FOX abomination–the youtube attached to this article). The bottom line is that an organization that starts with the premise that this sitting president is wrong/evil, it is not a news organization and shouldn’t be treated like one, even though it features a few reporters who sometimes get it right.


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