Governor Sarah A/K/A “Caribou Barbie” Palin Mounts Coup

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McCain said to not care crowd walked out after Gov. Palin’s speech

“Hey, she can see Russia from her porch!”

(Faux News, September 19, 2008). At a speech today in New Mexico, GOP Vice-Presidential nominee Gov. Sarah Palin announced that the “Palin-McCain ticket” will prevail in the November election.

Governor Palin’s stump speech then went on to repeat the tired, untrue and completely de-bunked lies of the GOP about Barack Obama and his tax policies and their impact on small businesses and middle class America.

The GOP faithful attending, having received their red meat marching orders from Karl Rove, gave Gov. Palin a rousing reception, great applause, and then filed out of the venue as GOP Presidential nominee Sen. John McCain began his speech. Some present began to wonder if they’d ever hear anything substantive from Gov. Palin, others reported Gov. Palin did not blink.

McCain was overheard to remark that he also had seen Russia from Gov. Palin’s porch. An immediate after event analysis by Fox News reported this part of McCain’s speech as further evidence of Gov. Palin’s expertise in international relations. As a result some GOP members began to question the wisdom of Palin as McCain’s choice to possibly take his place in the White House.

In a Nevada venue, Democratic nominee Barack Obama questioned Sen. McCain’s credentials to “run against Washington” and the “good old boys.”  Obama ran an ad that gives a two minute speech outlining the economic policies for an Obama presidency.


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