White House caught telling lies about stem cells

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As reported by Think Progress, Karl Rove –”told the Denver Post that ‘recent studies’ show researchers ‘have far more promise from adult stem cells than from embryonic stem cells.'”  This provoked the people at Think Progress to do some digging.  Here’s what they found:

The Chicago Tribune contacted a dozen top stem cell experts about Rove’s claim. They all said it was inaccurate. So who wrote the “studies” that Rove was referring to?

White House spokesman Ken Lisaius on Tuesday could not provide the name of a stem cell researcher who shares Rove’s views on the superior promise of adult stem cells.

The White House knows that it just can’t win a fair fight, it seems.  At the risk of sounding petty or obsessed or trite, has anyone been meticuously documenting each of the White House lies and categorized them by topic?  Not that 29% of this country’s voters would ever care.  


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  1. grumpypilgrim says:

    The stem cell issue is a hot topic here in Wisconsin, because our university is apparently one of the world's leading stem cell research facilities. In all the news articles I've seen about the subject, NOT ONE researcher has said that adult stem cells have "more promise" than embryonic stem cells. Indeed, if adult cells in fact had more promise than embryonic cells, Rove would not even be discussing the matter, because scientists would gladly avoid the whole controversy of using embryonic cells. The fact that Rove is bloviating on the subject basically proves he is lying.

    Like this is the first time THAT'S ever happened….

    The Bushies clearly don't care about the difference between truth and lies, but I'm beginning to wonder if they even know the difference.

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