Erich Vieth – Writing

I do a lot of writing at Dangerous Intersection and on my Facebook Page. DI is a site where we often discuss philosophy, science (including cognitive science and the biological sciences), religion, media and American culture. DI is also a site where we use current events as a springboard to higher-level discussions about human animals and the human condition. DI is a place where a diverse group of writers draw on their unique experiences to bridge the apparent barriers that divide people and the groups they form. Warning: iconoclasts abound.

Back on February 21, 2006, I created the first post for Dangerous Intersection. It started out as a collaborative effort, involving many contributing authors, at a time when it was more difficult to set up a blog. Now the blog consists mostly of my own writings.

I’d like to think that those of us who have participated in the writing and reading at this site have also learned some important things along the way, along with more than a few laughs. I’d also like to think that DI offers some perspectives that you don’t find in most other places, and that we have contributed to the blogosphere and beyond in a significant way.

My overall goal is to present information and opinions that you can trust, but that also challenge you, even though you might disagree with us. In fact, when I tell people on the street about DI, I tell them to visit the site and to comment “especially if you disagree with us.” One of my favorite in-person comments came from a well-accomplished lawyer who is also extremely conservative. He said, “Erich, I sometimes visit your site. It is fascinating and well-written. But I disagree with almost everything you say.” That comment was a prelude to a good conversation over lunch–this kind of comment often is the beginning of something interesting.