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Walking while texting bloopers video has a serious ending

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Blooper video turned PSA:


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Sam Harris on Identity Politics

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Harris argues that Identity Politics has become a political religion. He distrusts identity politics of all kinds, and has argued that to the extent any person claims that their race is anything other than homo sapiens, this is a problem. In this short video, Harris is distressed that in modern day America, so many people attempt to inject their personal identity or their personal tribe into a conversation where only the facts are relevant.


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When perpetrator of terror attack is muslim, attack receives 5X more media coverage

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From the U.K. Independent:

Terror attacks carried out by Muslims receive more than five times as much media coverage as those carried out by non-Muslims in the United States, according to an academic study.

Analysis of coverage of all terrorist attacks in the US between 2011 and 2015 found there was a 449 per cent increase in media attention when the perpetrator was Muslim.

Muslims committed just 12.4 per cent of attacks during the period studied but received 41.4 per cent of news coverage, the survey found.


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George Lakoff: Two Fundamental Principals of Conservatives

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Why do conservatives tolerate Donald Trump? Why do Trump voters tolerate Trump when it means that they will be hurt by GOP legislation regarding health care and many other things?

George Lakoff argues “Voters don’t vote their self-interest. They vote their values.” He sets out two largely unspoken principals that guide conservatives:

1. In the Strict Father Family, father knows best. He decides right and wrong. It is the father’s moral duty to punish his children painfully when they disobey.

Harsh punishment is necessary to ensure that they will obey him (do what is right) and not just do what feels good. Through physical discipline they are supposed to become disciplined, internally strong, and able to prosper in the external world.


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The Easy Work of Meeting People while Traveling in Turkey and Greece

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My Girlfriend Jen McKnight and I saw some amazing sites during our trip to Turkey and Greece. It was the trip of a lifetime based merely on the many ancient and modern wonders we saw and photographed. What made this trip especially satisfying, though, were the people we met, and there were many. Turkey and Greece offer an endless stream of incredibly friendly people. Combine that with the fact that Jen is a people-magnet; combine that with my natural curiosity, and you end up with animated conversations in some of the most unexpected places. It happened so often that after we’d been in Turkey for a day, I decided that whenever we ended up visiting with a person for more than a few minutes, I would ask the person/people to take a selfie with us and trade contact information. I’m posting some of these photos here.

On the flight to Goreme, a Turkish woman who teaches language, but who lives in Amsterdam, volunteered to give Jen and me a crash course in Turkish. What a gift! We actually did incorporate a couple dozen Turkish words into our vocabulary.

Thank you, Mustafa Kabalci, who was our host in Cappadocia at Sultan Suites Cave Hotels! He was as good a host as I could have imagined, offering us unending advice and encouragement. We’ll never forget the wise eyes of Ismir, the dog either. And there was Haydar Elçi from the Goreme restaurant, who presented us with a free desert of baklava on our final night in Goreme. Who else? There was Karolina Barac, the model from Croatia with whom we shared an inspiring balloon ride. And then there were two Turkish women from Istanbul, who we met at Derinkuyu, Turkey, Tilbe Cana İnan and Nesrin Göksungur who approached Jen and me 100 feet underground, asking if they could walk with us to distract them from the claustrophobia. That led to a later (above-ground) wonderful dinner conversation in Urgup on a breathtaking overlook.

While in Turkey, we also met Fatih and Jenna, the two young law students from Indonesia, who were taking a break from their schooling at the University of Leeds in London at sat next to us in the small outdoor restaurant in Goreme.
There are many merchants among the people we got to know, especially since it was a holiday season, and all of them offered us insights and friendship. That list includes Fatih, Mohammed and Suddik. Jen bought a cute little birdsong whistle from a man in Istanbul for a total of 1 Turkish Lira (30 cents). He then chased us down to make sure that Jen knew how to fill the whistle with water and showed her several techniques for making bird sounds.



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